NYC: The One Where I Left Canada Without My Parents for the First Time

It was my first summer after 1st year of university. I went to New York City with two girls: one that I met at an informal pre frosh week beach event, and the other was her best friend. The trip was amazing, but it was not the one that awakened the wild wanderlust in me.

The city seemed larger than I’d remembered it. The first time I’d gone to NYC was in 7th grade with my family and my best friend at the time. The first time was all about visiting the tourist spots – the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, the Empire State Building, etc.

The second time, however, was very different. And better. The touristy stuff in NYC are less worth than any touristy thing I’ve done anywhere else.

The girls and I did none of that touristy stuff. We walked around aimlessly, shopped, got complimented by strangers, watched Chicago, and dressed up just to take photos in Times Square. I felt so free to be travelling somewhere without my family.

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of the photos we took on that trip when my laptop broke down. That trip was also four years ago, so I don’t remember much else… sorry 😛 Haha. We weren’t even legal in the States at the time.

So basically, I’m only writing this entry to tell you: try traveling without family and without a tour guide. It’s a completely different experience!

I will write [more useful things] about my more recent trips to NYC, so stay tuned!

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