NYC: The One Where We Ate All Kinds of Food

So I went to NYC a third time… This was March 2014. I was teaching at a school, and it was March break! So a friend and I went to NYC to visit some of our friends before we flew to San Francisco. (Tip: it’s much cheaper to go to NYC first & then fly to California than to fly to California directly from Toronto. But this also means we had to endure a 12 hour bus ride NYC <—> Toronto. That’s 24 hours of my life that I will never get back.)

NYC was a lot of walking around with friends and eating random foods. We also went to Central Park, but I won’t post photos because it was really ugly. So this entry is just going to be about food. Sorry. I’ll write more about places (and food) when I write about my fourth trip to NYC :P.

We went to Laduree, the macaron shop bakery. It was delicious and overpriced.

We also went to Totto Ramen. It was a hole in the wall, and there was a line. It’s one of those places everyone goes to because it’s supposed to be amazing. In my opinion, it was worth, but it doesn’t compare to ramen in Japan. Or packaged ramen LOL. But I’m pretty loyal to Neoguri.


We also ate at Shake Shack, the burger / hot dog place. They have really good custard ice cream. It was just… so…. smooth. Soft, creamy…

And of course I went to Caffe Bene. I fucking love cafes. Nothing compares to the environment of a cafe. Cafes offer sweet baked goodies and warm drinks that just… magically make everything better. I ordered Misugaru (Korean drink) and a waffle.

Caffe Bene (sorry for ugly photo)

One of the most memorable restaurants we ate at was BCD Tofu House in Koreatown. It was the best soontofu (pronounced soon-doo-boo) I’ve ever had – and I’m Korean. So I grew up eating this stuff. I don’t have a good photo of it, but here’s the restaurant site. Like most places these days, they give you a range of spiciness levels from which to choose. If you decide to go, try to make reservations. If that’s not possible, go with a very small group so that you don’t have to wait too long. (This actually applies to everywhere in NYC).

That’s pretty much it. I also had froyo. I’m not sure where it was from, but does it really matter? It’s froyo.


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