Grand Canyon: The One Where I Ditched My Friends

Hi friends! Sorry — I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I had an exam for a Psych course, and it’s my final week at my current co-op placement; so the week’s been filled with studying and writing a work term report. Today is my last day, though! It’s sad to leave. I had such a wonderful time here. I met and worked with the best people, and learned so much.

But now, I get more time to fill up this blog with old memories and new ones to come! 🙂

Arizona was wonderful. My friends and I were in Vegas for the week, and I decided to go on a day trip to The Grand Canyon on a tour bus from our hotel. They wanted to stay and see more of Vegas, so this was a solo trip for me. I was a bit hesitant, but I really wanted to see this.

So I went with CanyonTours. According to my receipt, the exact tour I bought was called: Grand Canyon West Rim Deluxe Upgrade Bus Tour with Helicopter Floor Landing With Hoover Dam and Optional Skywalk.

Their shuttle van picked me up from my hotel early in the morning and took me to the bus loading area. Once everyone was on the tour bus, the guide introduced himself and began talking. It was actually amazing. I’m not a huge fan of tours, but this guide was so easy to listen to. I think his name was Gary! He was very informed about the places we passed as we drove toward the canyon. He was also very entertaining.

Some of the things he told us about include: Hoover dam, Colorado River, the bridge to Arizona, Mojave (Mo-ha-bee) desert, the spiders in that desert (there are tarantulas and black widow spiders!), rattlesnakes, scorpions, mountain lions… yeah, he talked a lot about scary creatures :P. We also learned about the history of how Nevada became a state, and about taxes and gambling.

We got breakfast in the bus: a sandwich, a muffin, a juice box, a water bottle, and an apple. It was so cute haha. And it was actually quite tasty!

Once we arrived at the reserve, we were given bus passes (you have to take a bus between the 4-5 visitor areas) and sent to the helicopter.

It. Was. So. Cool. I got the front seat!

By the way!!! These photos are not edited. It’s that amazing.

On the helicopter, I met another girl named Natasha. She was so friendly :). She’s my age, but her life is so different from mine: she grew up in England, studied in China, had just gotten married, and they were on their honeymoon! (Meanwhile, I grew up and am still studying in Canada with no prospect of a husband haha.)

Once we got to the base of the canyon…

The tour included lunch. We ate at … I forgot which “area” this was, but the guide told us it’s the best place to have lunch. Here are some photos!

Other views:

Yeah… I turned black that day. Haha. (Tip: wear sunscreen! It was unbelievably hot. And there is almost no shade anywhere.)

Just before leaving, we stopped by to see the animals of Arizona. I think they were bighorn sheep?



Aren’t they beautiful?!

He also talked on the ride back, but I was so exhausted from walking in the heat that I slept through most of it :(.

Definitely go to The Grand Canyon if you have a chance.

You will not regret it.

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