Los Angeles: The One Where Everything Was Far Away

One thing you need to know about L.A. is that things are very… scattered. There isn’t really one place that has “everything”. There’s a lot of nothingness in between.

Tip: download Uber. If you’ve never heard of Uber, it’s basically an app on your phone that hooks you up with local drivers. Think of taxis/cabs, but … better. It’s more about getting to know people and less about how much tip they get. It’s safe, trustworthy, and cheaper than cabbing.

Our flight arrived late at night, so we took an Uber to our Airbnb for the night and left early in the morning to our next (more permanent) Airbnb. The first one was closer to the airport, and the second was closer to downtown L.A. The host of our second Airbnb was amazing. He’s an actor! And he gave us a ride to Grand Central Market, which is basically this indoor market with lots of food and other things.


My first meal was a $7 burrito. I love burritos.


Then, we went shopping at The Grove. It was a beautiful outdoor shopping centre.

After walking around, we went home and got ready to go experience nightlife in L.A. We went to the Frolic Room, and Avalon. I don’t have photos, sorry! I think it was fun, but I don’t really remember, so it probably wasn’t amaaaazing (but also not horrible).

The next day, which was a Sunday, we all wore matching outfits and went to Universal Studios. It was ridiculously hot outside, but I loved it. All I really remember from this day is that I felt like a mom taking care of three kids running around everywhere. You have to understand, all my shoes are wedges or heels, and these girls are all about 3 inches shorter than me (me without heels). They’re also in love with minions. So they ran around taking photos with all the people in the costumes (I’d imagine they were melting in the costumes from the weather), and I took the photos and carried the backpack that held pretty much everything we needed. 😛 Believe it or not, I enjoyed it. I was pretty happy just seeing cool things and seeing how happy my friends were! Oh, and I ended up buying a Minion shirt because it was so cute and applicable to me.


Their love of Minions:

There are more, but you get the idea.

It would’ve been cool to see Harry Potter World in Universal Studios (I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan), but that unfortunately was not available at the time we went. 😦

Afterwards, we went to Highland Mall and tried to see the Hollywood sign from there. It was far, but we definitely could see it. Highland Mall was nice. Another outdoor centre, but with multiple floors. It was very beautifully designed.

We visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I only photographed one star. ❤


After sunset, we took another Uber to the Griffith Observatory. It was beautiful, but packed with tourists. Still, we were able to get a few photos without other people in it!

On our final day in L.A., we went to Disneyland. I wore a Mickey Mouse cap that I bought in Korea, heh. Again, more people in costumes and whatnot. Very colourful. The detail that went into the design of the place is … phenomenal. They really go all out. It’s impressive! So Disneyland was interesting and worth the $$$, but I’ve decided these things aren’t really for me. In my opinion, these are places that I’d take my kids to when I have a family. That would be a lot of fun. In the early stages of marriage when you are still cute and couply. Otherwise… nah.

Not going to lie, it had a lot of cool stores with very cute Disney things! Shirts, hats, shoes… I bought Mickey Mouse themed flip flops because my feet were melting in the boots I wore (yeah yeah, impractical, but I love my Jeffrey Campbells). I also bought my mom a pandora charm (the Cinderella carriage) as a souvenir to bring back to Canada.


Other cool Disney stuff:

Some of the artwork… astounding. And expensive.

Next day, we picked up our car rental and drove to Venice beach, San Francisco, Yosemite, and Vegas!

All in all, L.A. was worth the trip. I really enjoyed the heat, the energy, and the views… but it wasn’t as glamorous as I’d hoped. I think, though, that if I had stayed longer and experienced more of the nightlife, I would’ve really felt the Hollywood side of L.A. So I guess that’s my suggestion to you! 🙂

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