San Francisco 2: The One Where I Reunited with Sushirrito

Yes. Sushirrito is that important to me. After my first trip to San Francisco, I craved this so hard. My one and only goal on my second trip to SF was to enjoy more Sushirritos.

What is a Sushirrito? Oh boy.

Sushi + Burrito

There are two locations. One is near the financial district of San Francisco, so if you go, you’ll probably go to that one.

It’s awesome. Just go.

The four of us stayed with a friend in Palo Alto, so that was really nice and saved us $$$.

Things we did:

  • Dolores Park: I came here on my first visit to San Francisco, and it was definitely a place on my to-revisit list. It’s a huge park where everyone is sitting around and tanning and just being open. And I mean really open. We saw a row of guys tanning while lying down on their stomachs with no clothes on except their underwear, rolled up around their body like thongs. We each ate a truffle from the truffle man.
  • Lombard Street: not a big deal, but it’s a cool curvy street to see if you’re walking around and happen to be nearby.
  • Japanese Tea Garden: I didn’t get to see this Garden the first time I went to San Francisco. I think there’s a season where there are a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms. We went in August, so we missed that part, but it was still nice. Downside is that there were a lot of people.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: so, on my first trip to San Francisco, we went on the bridge… and didn’t get very nice photos of the bridge. The bridge itself is not a big deal, so if you can, don’t actually go to the bridge. Just go near enough to get a nice photo if you want to view it.

Side note: one thing to know about San Francisco is that the roads are very hilly, and often very steep. It’s a little freaky seeing cars parked along those roads. It’s also difficult to walk sometimes, so wear comfortable shoes.

Food we ate:

  • Local Union: really great. I liked the environment and the setup of the place (see below). I ordered steak & mashed potatoes. So good.
  • Crepes: we went here for breakfast the morning (afternoon?) after we went to a house party at some guy’s mansion. (Apparently mansions are a thing in the Palo Alto area?)
  • Hog Island: we went to eat oysters. It was a little pricey, but the oysters were delicious. This restaurant was right by the water, so it also had a nice view. I especially liked that they offered a variety of hot sauces :P.
  • Cream: an ice cream sandwich place, where ice cream is placed between two cookies. They offer all sorts of cookie and ice cream flavours. I bought one of every kind of cookie.
  • Ramen Yamadaya: we went here as we were exploring Chinatown. It was pretty good ramen! The service was great. Our server suggested I try this drink. It was pretty refreshing! Tasted similar to shikkhae (drink in Korea with rice bits).

2015-08-22 12.51.34

Other places:

San Francisco is a beautiful city. As long as you walk around, you’re bound to encounter all the sights! If you have questions about specific places in these photographs, feel free to ask. 🙂

There are still many places to see before deciding on a city that I’d like to live in, but for now, San Francisco is my (hopeful) plan. Even if not forever, I want to live there for a few years. Now that I’m in my final year of university, I’m working hard to be more involved in the Waterloo startup community so that, with my background in Marketing/Math/Education, I can find a job in San Francisco. I am in love with everything about that city – the weather, the vibe, the food, the culture, and the sights. I also love that Yosemite isn’t too far away — this was our next stop!

But, of course, we had a last Sushirrito together before hitting the road ;D.

2015-08-23 13.41.47


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