London: the one on the wrong side

As all my friends who are currently traveling would say: Hello from the other SIIIIIIDE…

Literally. Everything here is backwards. Drivers sit on the right hand side of the car, and drive on the left side of the street. I almost got run over twice today. Jay walking is so much harder in a foreign country. I swear I looked both ways! But all the roads are curved and you never know what’s coming. And I keep bumping into people because I’m they’re on the wrong side of the sidewalk! (Londoners, please don’t hate me. I’m half kidding!) Yet, I got approached for directions by several tourists LOL. I mean, I walk with my head toward the cloudy sky, taking in as much as I can with my small Asian eyes, but people seem to think I know where I am going!

Londoners have approached me today too. One was a money raiser for kids. One was a random guy who randomly decided to stop me while I was fake-hurriedly walking past him and make awkward conversation. I don’t mean to be paranoid, but I keep thinking they’re pulling something on me. As though the interaction is a ploy to steal something and sneak away. It’s probably just my mom’s insane stories getting to me, but still – it’s my first day! I really can’t afford to take risks. I have 74 days left!

Oh, and my friends weren’t exaggerating when they warned me about living expenses in London.. Everything here costs a part of my soul. Cafes have two prices for every product: the one for staying IN the store costs a pound more. Even for a damn cookie. (Yes, of course I went to Starbucks – in case you were wondering). You also have to pay to go to the gross public bathroom at a subway station. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in 9 hours (yeah, it’s kinda my superpower 😛 ). You pay if you buy food, pay if you want it to come heated, and pay if you want to eat it there. You pay more for transportation if you’re commuting between 4PM & 7PM.

I mean, it all makes sense.

Except that everything here is in pounds. The price tags would make perfect sense if they had $ signs preceding the numbers… But the fact is that the price tags are in pounds, which I have to DOUBLE if I convert it into Canadian $. Sad life. Poor life. Student life. I paid $4 for a tea at Starbucks today. I paid $5 for taking the subway for one stop. I paid $10 to get to my couchsurf from the airport. I paid $20 for a round trip from the couchsurf to central London (“downtown”).

I mean I guess it’s not entirely London’s fault. Canadian economy needs to get its shit together.

On the bright side, I made a friend! She took me to a hole in the wall fish and chip place. And I only paid $10 for delicious fish and chips! We ate it outside, and then she showed me around London :). Also, my “couch” is a private room. With a bed. All to myself. And I have keys!!!

And I finally got the hang of the 360-degree-turn-while-using-a-selfie-stick-with-GoPro thing! Haha.

Tomorrow, I’m going on the Harry Potter tour! I’m SO STOKED LOL.

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