Budapest: the one where I surprised my friends

Hey travellers! So the day has come… I finished school (hooray!) and am finally getting around to my Europe posts. By “finished school” I mean I’m actually done. Forever. This is no “break”! I’M DONE. That means lots of Europe posts will be written over the next week, as well as another San Francisco post (I went again in November, oops). I’m so glad that past Nat made notes on every city because there is no way I could’ve remembered all the details ^^;;

Before I get around to talking about Budapest… I have big news! I’m planning a 4 month trip to: Japan (2 weeks), Korea (1.5 months), Bali (1 week), Myanmar (1 week), the Philippines (2 weeks), Australia (2 weeks), and New Zealand (1 week)! Then back to Korea for 1-2 weeks before returning to Toronto in early May. Then I have to find something cool to do that earns $$$ until mid September, which is when I start my full time job (oh yeah, I also landed a job! Life is bomb these days).

SO. Budapest. This is one I will never forget. Before I talk about what I did/ate there, here’s a story:

Context: It was during my 10.5 week solo backpacking trip across Europe. Coincidentally, some of my closest friends were also in Europe. We met up in a few cities. Before Budapest, it was London and Edinburgh together. Then we went our separate ways and had plans to meet again in Paris before they flew home (and this would mark the midpoint of my journey).

Of course, being the spontaneous troll I am, I told them I was flying to Sevilla from Madrid (which was my original plan… I even had everything booked for Sevilla and Barcelona sigh) and actually flew to Budapest LOL. At the time, 3 of my friends were in Budapest and I had one spy coordinating for me. He kept me posted on the hostel they selected (so I booked the same hostel), their plans, and also their whereabouts when I landed. Upon arriving at Budapest, I bussed to the hostel, dropped off my things, changed, and headed to the club that those 3 were at… and walked in with my camera recording a video.

Their reactions were priceless! SO worth the change of plans. I can never get enough of surprising people. I highly recommend you try it sometime! It just has to be with people who would actually be happy to see you though, bc otherwise you’ll probably just feel crappy 😛

Now on to talking about actual Budapest..


I stayed at Wombat’s City Hostel. It was in a great location near the nightlife. The lockers were spacious, the beds were fine, and the rooms weren’t cramped. They have breakfast for a fixed price I believe, but I recall it not being awesome. (So don’t eat it).


Honestly, we just walked around. Budapest is quite small. I’m sorry I can’t tell you about specific landmarks or anything. All I can say is that it was a beautiful city with great nightlife. All the nightlife was super close to our hostel (5-10 minute walking distance) so we went bar hopping every night. So many people there were travellers. I don’t recall having trouble with communicating because most of the people who approached us were English speakers.

I’d say 3 days in Budapest is enough. 4 days if you’d like to be super leisure about it. Make sure to walk everywhere! Walking around is the best way to discover this city.

One thing you HAVE to do is go to a thermal bath. The one we went to was called Szechenyi. It was awesome! Super fun.


So my “try a local dish in every city” thing in Budapest was langosh and gulash. DO NOT EAT THE LANGOSH. It sucks. I tried it in two different places and I just wasn’t a huge fan. The pad thai and the Indian food were REALLY GOOD though!

The swirly pastry thing from the subway station sucked. Try it in Prague! It was a lot better and had ice cream inside 🙂


  • Like I said, everything is super walkable.
  • Our hostel was great too, I highly recommend it.
  • Don’t eat langosh.

Have fun! 🙂


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